The best suit is one that is made exclusively for you

At El Paño Inglés we have experienced tailors who will work hand-crafted to make their costume perfectly.

Experts hands tailor your suit. Luxury is created.

Our tailors, exclusive professionals with decades of experience will work under the highest quality standards, focused on the importance of details, to make a perfect suit for you.

Perfection is the result of our hand-craft process
taken to the highest standards of excellence.

In an experience like no other in the country, we begin the process of creating your suit with our expert advice in fabric selection and style, followed by the taking of measurements in our boutique.

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The suit as a reflection of your personality

At El Paño Inglés we understand the style as a pillar of a modern man's life.

From this perspective, we will tailor your suit according to your needs. Modern and versatile styles, or classic and timeless

Experince the privilege of a tailor-made suit
from El Paño Inglés

In our boutique you will live the comfortable and exclusive experience of selecting your fabrics and taking your measurements, with the peace of mind of relying  on the expertise of the best tailors in the country to hand craft your suit.

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Guaranteed results

Decades of experiences on top of our team of expert tailors guarantee you an elegant, comfortable, exclusive suit. A perfect custom-made suit for you.

The multiple generations of political and business leaders who continue to rely on El Paño Inglés for the making of their suits are the living example of high standards of commitment and quality.