Heritage means three generations dedicated to haute couture.

Discover how El Paño Inglés became the main reference for English cloths in Colombia.


Coming from Antioquian ancestors, Mr. Gonzalo Botero Quintero was by the 1950s already part of the circle of the most beloved people coming to Bogota from all corners of the country. Always distinguished for his elegance and people skills, he could not imagine at that time that he would change in the 70s the export of concentrates of tropical fruits, to the import of English cloths, industry that always captivated him.

Thus, backed by his good taste and with the authority that gave him to show off his own style, his business was naturally created and due to the immediate response from the public, he became an image consultant and fashion label, at a time when Bogotá stood out for its elegance.



Over the years, he represented the most prestigious houses from the United Kingdom, and today the second generation is delegating to the third a business of trajectory and support through El Paño Inglés.